Terraria Added as a New Game Server (November 2020)

  • 14th November 2020
After taking a look at some options for a new Game Server to offer, the Cyperhost Director Team settled on Terraria. Terraria is a very popular game, and low resource dependent. It is something we all as a team thought was an amazing option, and we are now ready to bring it to all of you.   Upon purchasing a Terraria Server, you will be granted ...
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Payment Method Change

  • 22nd August 2020
Ever since the release of our website we have used PayPal for PayPal Payments and Stripe for Credit/Debit Payments.   PayPal has recently released a new payment gateway that allows for regular PayPal payments and Credit/Debit payments right through PayPal itself. For these reasons, we have deactivated our PayPal and Stripe Modules and added the ...
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Website Update v3.00

  • 26th June 2020
We have finally decided to update our website and bring it to version 3.00 The entire website will have a brand new theme and layout for every page.   We have also added the feature of upgrading and downgrading your services. Upgrading costs extra, and downgrading will not result in any sort of refund.   We have huge plans for Cyperhost as ...
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